by Long Beard

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released October 23, 2015

Recorded January 2015 at Salvation Recording Co. - New Paltz, NY
and 2012-2014 in attic/bedrooms of New Brunswick, NJ
Engineered and Mixed by Chris Daly
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music

Performed By:
Leslie Bear- guitar, vocals
Stefan Koekemoer- drums
Tom Christie- bass, lead guitar (track 3), vocals (tracks 5 & 7)



all rights reserved


Long Beard New Brunswick, New Jersey


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Track Name: Intro
A lot easier to run around
Track Name: Porch
time it takes to grow old, on your porch
is it long enough
to get over you
summer rain brings your voice
to my ear
I'll stay up all night
just to hear your voice
if I ask politely
will you ask me
the question of,
"who do you love?"
who do you love,
and is it enough?
time it takes to grow old, on your porch
is it long enough
Track Name: Hates the Party
alone in the dark,
is it more alone
than alone in the light
that keeps you up at night

there's more than one reason
to hate the world spinning

everyone hates the party
everyone hates the party,
you say you love me
everyone hates the party

at home,
do you leave the blue screen on?
do you watch the dots
like everything

please don't forget
you're something I listen to
when I'm not sleeping

fortune grows
where you lie the most,
and time says "today,
be afraid it's not the same,
Track Name: Summer/Fall
hollow eyelids
you keep me near
when you close
low moon transparencies
hangs on to everything
I’ll keep you warm
while you’re cooling down
my words go numb
in the AC hum
Track Name: Turkeys
I saw my car drive past me
got four eyes now, I can see
I was a liar, I never knew
once you find love, it's so hard to leave
can't wait 'til class is over
we've been here forever and ever
and you were dancing in falling leaves
won't you come over and dance with me
Track Name: Dream
somewhere back in your parents house
you find secret ladders,
where could they possibly go?
how could they possibly know
you'd hide out for hours
dreaming of other rooms to lie in
with two windows looking out over the field
a backyard that you've always wanted with flowers
Track Name: Suburban Sunset
summer splinters
in the old sunny grave
where I lay down my wires
has the snow gotten you cold?
do you remind yourself
of the golden gazebo,
suburban glow
on your face
like shattered glass leaves,
or the branches of the old days
or the pot-holes of your old age
Track Name: Someplace
always thinking of some place some time ago
Track Name: What
they will close their eyes to find the sun
hanging over the hills of golden grass up to your ears
they know and whisper to each other, so calm in the scene
show no signs of empathy, they’re just parts of my dream
Track Name: Morning Ghost
in the old hole, you found the morning ghost
and it said, “bury your head”
you were young and afraid to wake up.
only time will tell you it’s a lot to hold on your shoulders
Track Name: Moths
every night,
I watch from my window,
the moths,
dancin round the fake moon
sun will rise
and hit our eyes
through tiny shutter lines
summer time
I know why you still
wear your winter coat
(don't want to grow)
I know why you still climb
into other people's clothes
wanting to preserve, but
only stealing their bones
I grew out of mine
Track Name: Days of Heaven
lost my time to a hopeless deed
dark blue sky creeps up on me
silver light, and spotted cheeks
lost my friend to the color green
in her eyes, they don't remember me
the days she climbs her pipe dream,
the years I died without her harmonies
lost my love to a salty sea
how I wished it would swallow me
the crumbs on his fingers smell of smoke
days of heaven in a room too cold
the meat on his bones couldn't feed his soul
the dreams I stole 444
Track Name: Twinkle Twinkle
twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are
(now I know the secret words and now I know how sweet you were then)